Artist Information

The market is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Winder Binder Gallery & Book Store on Frazier Avenue, in the heart of the Northshore, located only 50 feet from north end of the Walnut Street Bridge and looking down onto Coolidge Park.

The Basics:

*Exhibiting artists must create their own work.

*The lot holds eighteen (18) 10’x10′ spaces.

*Single booth rate is $25 + 10% of sales (with a cap of $50) = $75 maximum.  If the Market is a two day show, you will pay the booth fee for each day.

*Both sharing is allowed.  Each artist pays $12.50 + 10% of sales (with a cap of $50) = $62.50 (each)

*Electricity is available and is FREE.  However, total wattage is limited to 200 watts per booth, so no heaters allowed.  If you have lighting, please try to use compact fluorescents.

*Please leave your space the way you found it.  In other words, please clean up after yourself.  Zip ties, garbage, etc. should be removed before leaving.  Those who repeatedly do not clean up after themselves may not be invited back.

Set-up is from 9:00-noon, breakdown begins 6:00pm.  Vehicles must be out of the lot by 11:00am.

Cancellation Fee: More than 72 hours before the event, no charge.  Less than 72 hours before the event, $25.
No shows will be charged the maximum $75 (no exceptions!)

For more info or to apply for space, email Kara or Tina at the following:

Note: To speed the process, when “applying” for space we need the following:  a brief bio, a couple of photos of your work, a general idea of the price range of your work and a booth photo (or at least a description of how your booth will be set up).

While this is a relatively relaxed setting, we still want to keep a level of professionalism in the look and feel of the market and it exhibitors.
A tent is not required, but is strongly suggested.

Load In / Load Out:

Being that it is a small area, it is critical that the exhibitors work together when unloading and loading.  We block off a couple of spaces on Frazier in front of the market for artists who have light weight set-ups to park and “walk in” their work.  If you need to pull your vehicle in to the lot we ask that you completely unload your vehicle, remove it from the lot, and THEN set-up. The point being, you need to get your vehicle out of the lot as quickly as possible so others can do the same.  Same thing goes for loading vehicles at the end of the market.


Parking on Frazier Avenue and River Street is PAY parking.  If you would like to park for free, we have agreements to allow our exhibitors to park at Forrest Avenue United Methodist Church (on Forrest Ave) or at the NorthShore Fellowship (on Woodland Ave).  Both of these churches are within 100 yards of the market.  Please DO NOT PARK in any private lots of other businesses.  Parking is very limited on the NorthShore and there is nothing that will irritate another merchant more than someone taking up one of their parking spots for an entire Saturday.


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