Who-Fest is this weekend…

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The Original Saturday Market in Chattanooga!

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1st & 3rd Saturday’s on the NorthShore

Noon to 6:00pm

Please send any and all questions pertaining to Art ’til Dark to:

Winder Binder Gallery & Bookstore
40 Frazier Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 413-8999

Owner — David Smotherman
Winder Binder Manager/Show Booker — Kara Downes

Why Art ’til Dark?

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There are many things that make Art ’til Dark a great experience for our vendors…

We have longevity, Art ’til Dark is celebrating its 6th anniversary and is the longest running Saturday market in Chattanooga.

And we have a number of great amenities for our vendors:

Easy unloading and loading (vendors can pull up and drop off/load up right in front of their space)

Low booth and commission fees (only $25 for the booth and 10% off sales, with a cap of 10% of the first $500 in sales…the most you will ever pay for a day at Art ’til Dark is $75)

Private bathroom facilities for vendors and an air-conditioned “green room” if you need to take a break.

FREE electricity available to vendors upon prior request.

FREE vendor parking (we have agreements with two churches within a block of Art ’til Dark that allow vendors to free parking on Saturday’s…customers too!)

We also process credit cards through the gallery for merchants who do not accept them (for a new, lower, 3% fee)…and if a buyer can not take their purchase home the day of the show, we can hold it at the gallery for later pickup. Or if it is an out-of-town customer, we are happy to help make arrangements for shipping with the customer. In short, we try to do anything we can to help facilitate sales for our vendors.

And last but not least…we have a great location! We are lucky to have a steady volume of tourist traffic (being at the end of the Walnut St Bridge and next to one of the two Carta Electric Shuttle Routes, not to mention being 100 yards from the Coolidge Park Carousel). Plus, we have the added bonus of bordering the North Chattanooga neighborhood, which brings a lot of weekend walking traffic to Frazier Avenue. It’s the best of both worlds!

And for 2012, we have introduced a vendor appreciation program…
For every $450 a vendor pays in booth and commission fees, they will receive free day at Art ’til Dark. It is just another little way to show how much we appreciate out vendors.

Art ’til Dark this Weekend!

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We will be having an Art ’til Dark on Saturday, April 23rd (Noon to 6pm). Weather forecast is warm and sunny. The Easter Bunny says…”come on down to the NorthShore and ‘shop local’!”

4th Annual Faux Bridges Art & Literature Festival

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Art ’til Dark is on hiatus until the first week of May, but if you are missing “the NorthShore’s favorite parking lot”, check out FauxBridges.com April 15th – April 17th.

Vendor Application

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Online application (pdf)

Click HERE

2011 Show Dates

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7th (Mother’s Day Weekend) — 21st

4th — 18th (Father’s Day Weekend)

2nd (Independence Day Weekend) — 16th — 30th

6th — 20th

3rd (Labor Day Weekend) — 17th

8th — 15th — 22nd — 29th (Halloween Weekend)

5th — 12th — 19th
Holiday Market 25th & 26th (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Last Chance Holiday Market (Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd, Sat 24th)